Azure Network Limits

Azure uzerinde network bilesenlerini yapilandirirken asagidaki limitlere dikkat edilmesi onemlidir.

Resource Default limit Maximum limit
Virtual networks per subscription 50 100
Local network sites per virtual network 20 contact support
DNS Servers per virtual network 20 100
Virtual machines and role instances per virtual network 2048 2048
Concurrent TCP connections for a virtual machine or role instance 500K 500K
Network Security Groups (NSG) 100 200
NSG rules per NSG 200 400
User defined route tables 100 200
User defined routes per route table 100 500
Public IP addresses (dynamic) 5 contact support
Reserved public IP addresses 20 contact support
Public VIP per deployment 5 contact support
Private VIP (ILB) per deployment 1 1
Endpoint Access Control Lists (ACLs) 50 50

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