Azure Storage Services – Introduction

In this series, I will discuss in detail one of the fundamental parts of Azure — Azure Storage Services. In this first post, I will try to set the tone and provide an overview of Azure Storage Services

A couple of important points for you:

  • We will do lots of PowerShell , so I highly recommend you have at least a basic understanding of PowerShell cmdlets. I will try to upload all the codes I developed for the articles so that you can reuse or modify them. Also, I will use Azure CLI, the Azure Resource Manager version of commands, and REST APIs, if possible.
  • This is going to be a technical series, so don’t expect too much pricing or nontechnical discussions.
  • As you probably heard, Microsoft recommends you use the Resource Manager deployment model as much as possible instead of the classic model. So in these series, I may be showing both options sometimes, but I will try to leverage the resource manager model whenever possible.

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