MVP rewarded!


I have been re-awarded Microsoft MVP title for 2016. That marks my 6th consecutive year and I’m really honored to have received award again but this year hold special meaning for me as this time I have been awarded for the two different expertise areas: Cloud/Datacenter Management and Microsoft Azure..It is a great honor to be recognized for my expertise on both communities.


Flying cars or 6LoWPAN :)

Disclaimer: I bet on 6LoWPAN 🙂

Back to the Future movie was a classic for my childhood. In movie, it was possible to travel past and future. One of the favorites parts for me were the scenes in future. Flying cars were the iconic images in the future.

I believe most of you remember the scenes regarding the flying cars. As a futurist child I strongly believed that flying cars will be part of our daily lives in 2000’s.

Well, we are almost in 2015 but still don’t see any flying car around the city. Btw I’m still futurist 🙂

Then what’s that about Flying Cars or 6LoWPAN title?

internet of thingsYes we still do not have flying cars to go to work but there are much more exciting technological developments in our age. And my favorites are inventions, products, ideas relevant to Internet of Things concept. I will not tell you again from scratch about Internet of Things. You can find a good article on Wikipedia. Most people believe, data generated using IoT technologies will blow up and technology itself is about to explode by 2020.

In Internet of Things, you will need smart and small devices in the field to generate data about every single environmental details/changes. You may want to smell the air, detect the motions, switch the electric, measure usages etc. There are bunch of scenarios that can be enabled. Having smart and small devices is great for such a purpose but it’s also difficult to manage them. They are small therefore have limited power and processing capabilities. Also these devices are increasingly being based on wireless technologies. At the end of the day, to implement a smart system you will need

  • Smart and small devices on the field. (sensors)
  • Low power (they need to be run for years on a single battery)
  • low cost (should be continuously reduce price point)
  • based on wireless technologies

These requirements and challenges drove work groups to create a standard that implements low-cost, low-power wireless mesh network specifications. One of them and probably the most popular one is ZigBee. ZigBee standard supports different set of networks including star, tree or mesh topologies. It’s great for everyone that wanted to build embedded applications requiring low latency and power consumption. Being first in the field helped ZigBee to be adopted by major players in multiple industries.


ZigBee works by defining a new layer when communicating over 802.15.4 layer. Therefore it can only communicate endpoints that use same protocol.

One another standard is 6LoWPAN stands for “The IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks”.


Main purpose to create additional standard for wireless communication between these devices was to be able to enable IP based communication between these devices. Therefore these devices will be able to used by Internet of Things projects easily. Protocol uses IEEE 802.15.4 based networks and can be used in intranet or internet traffic since familiar IP based communication is being used by protocol.

(The IEEE 802.15.4 standard is maintained by the IEEE 802.15 working group and defines low-data-rate, low-power, and short-range radio frequency transmissions for wireless personal area networks (WPANs). The working group aims to keep the complexity of the standard and the cost of the necessary hardware low, making it suitable for wireless communication among constrained devices such as sensors and actuators. – See more at:


You see on above diagram that every node should have its own IPv6 address.

Main benefit of 6LoWPAN is the ability to communicate directly with other 802.15.4 wireless devices on other IP networks with a single bridge device. People can communicate across the internet without having a conversion process between IP and ZigBee.

Main challenge I see for 6LoWPAN is that we can not implement it easily since it requires knowledge over IPv6 networks.

Major players in industry such as Texas Instruments, Atmel supply 802.15.4 chips that can be used for either ZigBee and 6LoWPAN and I believe having such standards will help use to build and integrate our solutions agile.

Mshowto–System Center Day

Last Saturday, at Microsoft Turkey, we as Mshowto editors, delivered a great session regarding System Center, Cloud, Hyper-V etc.

Here is my session details:

  • Orchestrator 2012 R2
  • PowerShell Workflows
  • Service Management Automation

I belive this session order help attandees to get the vision of MS management solutions.

Yeah, we have a new version of Orchestrator. R2. It automates and orchestrates most of your daily manual tasks. So we discussed orchestrator capabilities in the first session.

And with the new version of PowerShell we have a new concept called “Workflows” . It helps you to create your own workflows in parallel or sequencly with PowerShell. That means even you do not have any orchestrator tools, you can create your own automation tasks with PowerShell to manage your datacenter.

And finally a new portal called Service Management Automation.

In this final session we discussed that how possible to manage your automation-orchestrator runbooks via a web-based portal supported with Windows Azure Pack using PowerShell workflows. Therefore all attandees get the idea of how to combine these three solutions to have a one single web-based automation solution.

And my ex-college and System Center MVP Mustafa Kara delivered great sessions regarding SCOM & SCCM.

Here are the some photos from event.

PowerShell script to configure FTP User Isolotion Mode Attributes

As you may already know, with FTP User Isolotion Mode you can strict your users to browse only administrator configured directories.

For instance you can modify required attributes of userA and then UserA will only be able to access/browse “USERA directory”. Even He/she has access on other directories.

But in order to configure FTP User Isolotion Mode with active directory you need to set two interesting attributes:

msIIS-FTPRoot = Root FTP Directory

msIIS-FTPDir  = User Directory

If these above attributes are configured for a user, once this user access to server, FTP automatically redirect this user to msIIS-FTPDir directory under ms-IIS-FTPRoot directory.

To configure these attributes you can just open user properties in ADUC and configure settings under attribute editor.


But if you are planning to set these attributes for bunch of users, It may slow down the processes to configure one by one.

Here is a simple PowerShell script


Convert String to DateTime

Have you ever wondered on how to convert string data type to datetime in PS?

In one of my PowerShell projects I need to compare couple of dates to get the exact difference. But some of date values are coming from different sources, for instance as a string.

Therefore i could not simply use “date2 – date1″ math operation.

It's pretty easy to convert a string to a datetime with Parseexact as follow:

$Date= [datetime]::ParseExact($StringDate,”dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss”,$null)


SCCM 2012 – Failed to create SQL Server Certificate

During SCCM 2012 installation you may get “Failed to create SQL Server Certificate” error message in ConfigMgrSetup.log. This is a fatal error and will kill your setup process.

For me, it was a legacy failed SCCM installation that causes the problem. Just navigate to following directory C:ProgramDataMicrosoftCryptoRSAMachineKeys and delete related keys for your legacy installation.

OpenFileDialog – Hangs / Not Responding / Freezes

I’m in process of creating GUI based PowerShell script. This GUI has openfiledialog method to search local drive and allows me to  select a file. I dunno why but in some ConfigMgr servers it just hangs on once you click it.

After a quick search i figured out that adding

$OpenFileDialog1.ShowHelp = $true

solved problem.