Exchange 2010 Automatic Mailbox Creation

While you are creating new mailboxes , in previous versions of exchange server, you must specify the mailbox database that will hold the mailboxes.

In exchange 2010, in new mailbox wizard, if you forget to specify a mailbox database, you will not get an error.But Where’d it go?

Automatic mailbox distribution is a new feature of Exchange 2010.If you don’t provide a mailbox database during creation, Exchange Server picks a random database.This is a great feature especially bulk mailbox creation processes.

But think about there is a one special mailbox database that has a high profile quota configurations.And so you will want to exclude this database from automatic picking feature

There are two commands to exclude such a database;




As you see above,it is enough to be excluded  if one of this properties is set to True.

To set a database as permanently excluded from automatic mailbox distribution;

Set-MailboxDatabase “databasename” –IsExcludedFromProvisioning $True

To set a database as temporarily excluded from automatic mailbox distribution;

Set-MailboxDatabase “databasename” –IsSuspendedFromProvisioning $True

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