Exchange Server 2007 Update Rollup 4

Microsoft tarafından Exchange 2007 için birçok düzeltmenin yapıldığı Update Rollup 4 yayınlandı.
Aşağıdaki adresten bu updateleri yükleyebilirsiniz.
Aynı zamanda Microsoft Update ilede bu dosyalara ulaşabilirsiniz.Microsoft tarafından belirtildiğine göre bu update ile birlikte yapılan düzenlemeler aşağıdaki gibi:

* 930463 – Missing Recipients on Edge cause 5.1.1 NDR, Edgesync does not Sync objects from Other domain trees in Same Forest
* 937656 – Change to DST transition dates in New Zealand time zone starting 2007
* 936300 – Mailbox Moves Blocked due to store deadlock
* Dismount Fails When Run As Local System
* Cancelling a backup from replica writer leaves store in backup in progress state, store restart is required in order to continue the backups successfully
* 932561 – Implement Western Australia DST time zone
* Test-edgesync needs to compute proxyaddress hash only once to avoid false positive in multi-edge server scenario
* 937861 – Exchange Gives Borked Address Type Array to Client, Causing NDR
* 938359 – Store.exe crash while composing a standard reply for moderated email-enabled public folder
* 938698 – LLRPerf: Long running open transactions are causing the checkpoint adv to be tricked into thinking it needs to version pages
* 936716 – Date format in body of read receipt confirmation does not match OS regional settings
* 940052 – Unable to reconnect a mailbox through EMC
* 933314 – ADSizelimitExceededException when GetDefaultAcceptedDomain() is called
* 939560 – EcGetSTF will only return maxPageSize number of OABs, not enough for hosting systems

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