GAL(Global Address List) 'da bulunan objeler

  • Mailbox enabled accounts.   Regular users with MAPI mailboxes Active Directory accounts.
  • Mail-enabled users.   Contractors who have an Active Directory logon but no mailbox.   (No mailbox in your Exchange Organization.)
  • Contacts.   Suppliers, customers, people with email address outside your organization.   No Active Directory account.   Thankfully, contacts have a different symbol in the GAL.
  • Distribution groups. These can be Global or Universal Groups, but they are designed for email rather than security.   These are sometimes referred to as DLs – Distribution lists instead of distribution groups.   Pay attention to detail and examine the Members and MemberOf tabs.
  • Query-based distribution groups.   Well worth setting up.   Again, note the different symbol from other groups.   Incidentally, I wish Microsoft would use different colors for different scopes of group. Say, Red for Universal and Green for Local Groups.
  • Mail-enabled groups.   Security groups that have mailboxes.   Guy says that unless you have a good reason, favour the classic Distribution group and avoid Mail Enabled Security Groups.
  • Public Folders.   Mail-enabled public folders if your users need an easy way to post.

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