How to prepare domain/forest for Exchange 2010

If you want to upgrade your legacy Exchange organization to Exchange 2010, first part of this process is to prepare existing forest and domain structure. To achieve this goal, adprep command line tool which is located in Exchange 2010 DVD, will be helping u.

For a single forest and multiple domain environment,

You must run the following commands on a computer in the same domain and in the same Active Directory site as the schema master

setup.exe /preparead (or /ad)in root, then – Enterprise admin and schema admin
setup.exe /preparealldomains (/pad) – enterprise rights

Then, in each child domain that is hosting:
-Exchange 2000, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 or 2010 servers
-Mail-enabled objects
-Global catalog servers that Exchange directory access components might use

Run the following:

-Setup /pl:domain.fqdn
-setup /preparedomain (/pd):domain.fqdn

Note: You must run this in the same AD site as the domain controller you are running this against, which should be in the domain you are running against.

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