New Throttling Policies Cmdlets on Exchange Server 2010 SP1

In Exchange Server 2010, to determine which throttling policy was associated with a specific user, you would use;

Get-mailbox anilErduran | dl ThrottlingPolicy

And to assign a policy to a user;

Set-Mailbox anilerduran – ThrottlingPolicy POLICY1

As you see above, in exchange 2010 you can only assign a Throttling Policy to a specific mailbox account.

But Exchange 2010 SP1 introduces two new cmdlets:  get-ThrottlingPolicy and Set-ThrottlingPolicy

Now you can assign these kind of policies for machine accounts and a cross forest contact object.

Let’s look at the example scenarios;

Machine account:

Assume that you design a web site that uses Exchange Web Services and to run as a Network Service.Then EWS call will come from the machine account.On exchange 2010 you can not assign a policy to the machine account and set-mailbox cmdlet is not applicable for such a object.Now you can use new cmdlets.

Cross forest Contact:

In cross forest migration scenarios, you can create linked mailbox for cross forest mailbox accesses.When a cross forest account calls into exchange via web services, the user is authenticated via the userforest, but active directoryobject is contained in the exchange forest.

Now you can assign Throttling Policies for machine accounts and specific cross forest contact objects.

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