Ops Mgr 2007 CU4 geçmeden önce !

Aşağıdaki rastlanan problemi dikkate alarak CU4 paketini geçmeyi unutmayın.

***Caution: There is a known issue documented in the KB article where applying this CU4 on existing OpsMgr agents can cause an unexpected restart of several non-OpsMgr services. This is caused by the Server 2008 Windows Installer RestartManager trying to suppress a reboot as we attempt to update a locked file. This can potentially cause application outages as the services for other Microsoft core OS components and some 3rd party application services might be restarted. This only affects agents running Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2. For this reason, you might consider skipping this update and waiting for CU5. Or, consider applying this update ONLY to your OpsMgr server roles, and rejecting any agent updates until the next CU. Here is the actual text from the KB:

    Restart of non-Operations Manager services
    In certain cases, non-Operations Manager services may be restarted when the Operations Manager agent is updated. This issue only affects computers that are running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2. We recommend that you update agents at a time when a service restart or a server restart is acceptable. Or, only update agents that are experiencing one or more of the agent-related issues that are mentioned in the list of resolved issues. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming cumulative update. </LI>

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